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About Us

Our Goal to restore your purchasing potential so you can qualify to buy a home, get a good job, invest, or just get preferred rates and acceptance. You will be able to stop putting dollars into high interest rates and start using them to improve your financial well-being.



Our Mission

... is to revitalize the economy by assisting you, the consumer, in getting rid of your poor credit rating... which creates high interest rates, in turn taking more dollars out of your pocket, placing them into the pockets of wealthy corporations. High interest rates tack on thousands of dollars to the price of those things you buy. Employers are now using credit as a screening tool for job applicants. Insurance rates, utility deposits, opening a bank account, and much more revolves around your credit. The three credit bureaus have devised a “mysterious” system, including scoring formulas, that continually put the consumer at a disadvantage. There is so much mis-information about credit that consumers are confused. For example, at tax time, they pay off all their collections, only to find that doing so dropped their scores. Because of low scores, they get discouraged and lose hope.


Our focus is on helping you repair your credit so you have good credit and higher scores. We want to help you take back control of your credit, your finances, and your future.



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